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Sampling Programs

Sampling Program is a way to promote your product. Which is already in market, But people doesn’t know about it.

In-Shop Activity

In-Shop Activity is way to promote of any product which is already in market, But with some changes like change in quality and quantity, with some offers, Change in Tate etc. Which helps to attract or help to increase product sale?

Corporate Activity

Corporate Activity try to attract young crowd with age of (21-55yrs). Most of client do corporate activities for data collection. Our Role in Corporate Activity is to pass permissions from local police, PPL, Traffic etc.

Mall Activity

Mall Activity is a way to reach the mind of end user that is customer .This is the one of the way to promote any brand or any product to aware a specific category of customer, in which with the help of Manpower Solution. Who contacts people directly with the help of some entertainment part. Team Ananta is specialized in operations like to take space in Mall, Permissions, Stall Fabrication, Sound System, Printing Materials (Flyers, pamphlet Etc.), Manpower (Promoters, Anchor etc.)

College Activition

College activity is mostly organized to attract student. In this activity we show product. Like-Mobile Phone, Chocolates, Apparels ETC.

School Activition

School activity is mostly organized to attract School student. In this activity we show product. Like-Pen, Note-book, Chocolates, Apparels ETC.

RWA Activation

RWA Activation is a how does our farmers live?How does the rural dairy set-up look like? Hence, what if we connect the source of the product?

Society Activation

Society Activations is an old concept but doing it innovatively will enhance your chances of making a successful one.

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